Cyber Security Active Operations

Active Measures of Cyber Security

Why do it?

Why not?

A lot of companies do it unofficially. Why not act instead of react. Nowadays – 2020 all rules are off and everyone uses everything in his/her/their advantage. Do not let others be 1 step ahead of your business just because you try to stay ethical. There is no ethics in business, just winners and losers.

We will make sure you are part of the 2nd group.

We won’t go into detail on what types of operations we execute. What we would advice you to do if you have decided to actively request such measures from us is just to provide us with a target and some details on it. Let us suggest to you the solutions of your “problem”, and eventual problems for your target.

53% of all Cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses

9% only of cyber-crimes are reported world-wide each year

68% of breaches took months to discover

81% of customers say they won’t do business with a company who experienced a breach

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