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A-Z Influencer Marketing services. JIT Solutions has an Extensive Network of Influencers and contacts in the niche of influencer marketing so that we can get you any type of influencers to promote your product or service on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube etc.
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Influencer Marketing

Infuencer Marketing Services

Why influencer promotions work:

If you don’t know what an influencer is, then you might have been tricked by one or more of them into buying a product or using a service that they recommend – either on Instagram, in Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere similar.

And do not get scared, it is completely fine. Many people base their purchasing decisions on opinions expressed by people with profiles on social media like Instagram, or Facebook followed by hundreds of thousands of people or even millions (in rare cases – billions)

What most people don’t know is that the majority of those opinions are being organized and paid for by agencies such as ours in order to promote a brand or product that needs to raise awareness and convince people to start buying or using it.

3.2 Billion

Social Media Users

of social media users research products/services
of all Social Media Marketing campaigns have lead to business growth
of users in Social Media are using them via Mobile Devices

We handle negotiation with influencers:

How can we help you get some of that influencer marketing for your business?
We can find the best and most popular influencers in the niche or the target audience that matches best the potential client base for your business.

We would handle all the negotiation and content creation brainstorming and actions in order for the influencer(s) to present the benefits of having/using/buying that seamlessly.


We would make sure that no influencer tricks you with fake statistics as we do monitor all metrics by using our own tools.

  • we handle creatives creation (images, video, copy)
  • we get you the best price per 100k views! in your area, to your target group


And you might already know, but influencer marketing is as efficient as the story, content, and the right influencer are. For that reason, we always use methods proven to be successful in convincing people to use/try your service or product and send the right message via the appropriate social media influencers to their audience, which happens to be eligible as a potential client base for your business.

Results vary and depend on the target you have set to achieve in terms of people reached, potential sales made, and the budget for the influencer marketing campaign. In any case, we would provide advice and tailor the service, which leads to you getting the highest possible ROI with the most affordable budget.

Types of promoters we can get for you:

  • Instagram Influencers
  • Youtube Influencers
  • Twitter Influencers

Along with that if you are interested in developing an influencer account(s) or how to become an influencer on your own or for your company, we can consult and schedule/plan all the activities around that so that you can have a successful, influential social media profile in the niches you need. Let us be your influencer agency.


  • Get mentioned by the most popular in Social Media
  • Reach tens of thousands of people with a single post
  • Get your product recommended by trusted influencers


Be part of the trend and book an influencer outreach service today!