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With our CyberSec Audit service you can know all flaws in the security of your infrastructure. JIT Solutions provides professional digital security auditing services for all types of servers, infrastructures and corporate equipment.
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Cyber Security Audit

CyberSec Audit / Network Security Audit

Why do it?

Why you should regularly check your infrastructure, servers, workstations and network equipment for vulnerabilities or misconfiguration?

It takes only 1 small mistake or something forgotten to give intruders a way in – after that, your whole enterprise might get compromised

  • Data can be compromised
  • Money would be lost
  • In some cases Ransom will be given
  • Safety and Trust will be gone
of all Cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses
only of cybercrimes are reported world-wide each year
of breaches took months to discover
of customers say they won't do business with a company who experienced a breach

We make sure that never happens

You can be sure that after we do the whole Auditing Procedure and you comply with all the prescribed actions to be taken, you will eliminate all possible threats to your business. Your clients can feel safe by entrusting you with their data. We will issue a certificate that you can rely on to prove you are secure and everything held and operated with in your company is strongly guarded and secure.

4 phases of CyberSec Audit:

  • Cyber security policies, practices and algorithms are coherent and operational.
  • Emerging risk is dependable identified, respectively assessed and dealt with.
  • Cyber security modification processes are stated, deployed and evaluated.
  • Attacks and breaches are detected and handled in a timely and efficient manner.