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Make Your Writing Pack a Punch with These Copywriting Best Practices

You might not have realized, but when a person looks at a website, they’re not reading the content in the same way as they would a book. When you read a book, your eyes move from left to right, and you read every line. Someone looking at a website, on the other hand, scans the content searching for words or phrases that catch their attention....

It’s Time to Take Your Companies Cybersecurity Seriously

In the past, cybersecurity was a convenient bonus to businesses but was never considered to be necessary. However, we are in the 21st century and not the past. Cybersecurity is vital to ensuring the longevity of your business. A lack of defense can allow a competitor or even a bored teenager to cripple your company in minutes. Cybersecurity is about hoping for the best but...

SEO and Cybersecurity Go Hand in Hand.

Exploring the Relationship between the SEO Industry and Cybersecurity. When a website advertises its security, HTTPS has been at the forefront of that advert. This misconception is down to Google naming HTTPS as a ranking signal and then implementing changes in the Google Chrome web browser that further pushed for the use of HTTPS. Despite Google’s views, HTTPS does not make a website secure. But how does the SEO community feel...